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With my over 25 years of Experience as a Minister and in the healthcare industry, I have come to find out that we all need empowerments and supports in our sipiritual and emmotional lives.
Are you passing through life’s experiences and you need someone to talk to?

Is Life treating you badly? Are you depressed and confused?

Join me as I Will take you through spiritual and emotional healing that will propel you to fulfil your destiny.

Your Natural faculties cannot grasp the greatness of what lies ahead of you. But we get glimpses of it by God’s revelation. And we see that the best is yet to come! join me in a journey to overcome your uncertain Season

You can also get a free copy of my book, or buy a full copy from Amazon. Overcoming the Uncertain Season


My New book Release

Overcoming the Uncertain Season

About the Book


Uncertain Season is inevitable, every creature on earth experience it at a point in time. As human beings we will face different challenges that are overwhelming, discouraging, confusing unpleasant, and extremely hard to bear or explain. How do we navigate our uncertain season? what step should we take, and resources to guide us during the journey?


Overcoming the uncertain season offer both spiritual and practical of how to overcome disturbing and heart-breaking circumstances in our life. Reading this book together with your family, you will discover important principles,  nuggets, and word of wisdom that open your mind and heart to the guidelines set for you by Jesus Christ during uncertain season and situations in life.


This book used a strong biblical foundation, circumstantial stories of the seasons in her life, and the words of Christ as a compass and guide for you whenever you find yourself in uncertain season. It is a map to the life of purpose and this guidance is available for us. Stay focused, have an open mind, and together, let us discover how you can overcome uncertain seasons in your life.

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About Me

I have worked full­time as Certified Nursing Assistant, Dialysis Technician, Radiologic Technologist, Mammography, and CT Technologist in the healthcare industry with more than 25 years’ experience.

I obtained an Associate Degree in Radiologic Science from Lone Star College System, and B.Sc. in Radiology Science, emphasis on Education from The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center. Houston, Texas USA.

I am a songwriter; composer, humanitarian, recording and performing artist. I and my Husband Pst. Moses Adedipe co-founded Camp of God Int’l Ministry, Houston Texas and African Community Emergency Response Team. A non-profit organization.


“Reading this book has shaping and expand my understanding about good and tough season that we face in life and ministry .”
Dr. Moses Adedipe

Co-Founder, Camp of God Ministries

“Mummy, the nugget you shared in this book has improve my prayer life greatly and i appreciate it .”
Paul Akinruli

Mgr., PaulCyber Solutions

“Great Book, I recommend it for all.”


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